Dyno session this Saturday

I just found out that I have a shop literally 3 miles from my house with a Dynojet 248c. Since the majority of the work on my car was done by the previous owner I thought it would be worth the $80 for 3 pulls with A/F ratios. I'm not expecting any huge numbers, it's more to just get a baseline of where I'm currently at.

Two questions:

1) I know 14.7 is the optimum A/F ratio but that a slightly richer ratio can make more power. What number should I be looking for? And how much variation in the ratio over the run is acceptable? I don't want to pay $120 an hour for tuning if I don't need it.

2) Any guesses on the the numbers? :D

Mods: (all installed by previous owner)
BBK cold-air intake
BBK 76mm mass air meter
BBK 70mm throttle body
BBK SSI intake
Stock E7 heads (not 100% positive)
Stock cam (not 100% positive)
Stock 19lb injectors
BBK long tube headers
BBK h-pipe with cats
Flowmasters (3-chamber)

BBK Gripp shifter
Fiadanza aluminum flywheel w/ Zoom HP-series clutch (only part installed by me)

MSD Coil and wires
Electric fan


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I know, sweet ain't she? :D And there's not a spot of rust anywhere on the car, even underneath. Gotta love that dry weather.

I live just outside of Kansas City and I found her on Craigs List in Phoenix. It just so happens my sister lives in Phoenix so I flew out there and drove her home.