Dyno Tuning Baltimore, Md Area?

Hey guys,

I'm looking to get my car dnyoed and I don't know any information about the shops in my area.

Anyone in Maryland, even into PA, but preferable in the Harrisburg/Lancaster/Yrok area, know of any good shops to get this done?

My plan was to get the SCT 4-bank eliminator chip from AM, but after determining that BAMA won't tune for a SD car, I'm not sure how to go about it. I can go to a SCT dealer/shop and have them write the tune for the chip, which is plausible.

I haven't done that much to the motor...GT40 upper and lower intake, CAI, pulleys, A/C delete, and 24lb injectors.
The issue is that since putting the injectors and intake on/in, my mpg has tanked and I'd like to have it tuned for the injectors, since it is my DD. I went from 19mpg highway and 14mpg city, to 15/16mpg highway and 12mpg city. It is certainly running rich.

I do have an adustable feul regulator to put on as well, just haven't gotten there yet.

Thanks for you time.
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Fwiw I think your mileage would increase if you put 19# inj back in. They are good to about 260hp @.85% duty cycle and 300 @100% cycle more than enough for your current mods