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Oct 16, 2020
Cumming, GA
Hey guys, I need alittle help. Im new to the mustang world. Always wanted a SN95 Cobra and decided now was that time. Long story short, picked up a modded 95 Cobra. Below is the mod list

  • Shorty Headers
  • Crappy short ram intake
  • 70mm TB
  • MSD Ignition components
  • E303 FMS
  • X-Pipe to now dumps.
The car runs, okay, I can def tell its rich. I have not enjoyed it since I haven’t really gone through the car yet to make sure its all running safely.

My question is a two part. I ordered the SCT 4-Bank Eliminator Chip for “tuning purposes” and had planned on ordering a tune and downloading since I figured the mods were pretty basic or BPU for these cars. Is this a good way to?

Second part of the question is, from what I can tell, the MAF & Injectors are factory injectors, when I did a bit of searching on the 95 Cobra with the E303, I found some info that said it required aftermarket or a different MAF & injectors to get it to run correctly or maximum benefits. Can anyone here advise?

I will be staying NA until about mid next year where hopefully I will go some FI option whether the On3 Single or a Vortech/Procharger.

Thanks all in advance!
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Feb 22, 2007
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The SN computers are pickier than Fox body computers, so that may be where some of your advice is coming from. Stock MAF and injectors are perfectly fine if you still have stock heads and intake. The cam only shifts your power in the RPM range until you upgrade the heads and intakes as well.

If you have an off road x-pipe, that is your smell. Even when not running rich, the exhaust smell is strong when you don’t have catalytic converters, especially with dumps leaving the fumes right under the car. At this point you really don’t have much to gain at all with the SCT chip. The old pushrod engines are not nearly as efficient as the newer 5.0 that does actually benefit from a cold air intake and tune. With your car, I would be sure the cold air intake is a long one that puts the filter into the fender well, clean the MAF with MAF cleaner spray and q tip, be sure your timing is between 12-14 degrees advance with the spout out, and enjoy the car until you go to bigger power mods. Save your tune money for after you go forced induction.

For the smell I would either put full length exhaust back on the car to get the smell going out from under the car, or change the midpipe to a catted one if it isn’t currently.
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