Early bronco questions


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Jan 20, 2001
Medford, OR
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I have been wanting to get an early bronco for such a long time now. I am now seriously thinking of getting rid of my 96 Nissan excab 4x4 and getting a bronco. I am hoping to get about 55-6000 for my nissan truck. Do any of you think this is enough to get a bronco that i could still drive everyday. All i realy care about is that it is somewhat rust free. I dont care if it has an engine. I would actualy preffer one wiht out an engine because i have 2 good running 302s sitting around doing nothing. So yeah any information would be great. Do any of you know of any good sites for the early bronco?

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Aug 19, 2002
Orlando, FL
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Okay, this may be long; but, I'll give you the low-down on early Broncos. I have a fairly badass one. It comes with a a price though. I wish I knew what I was getting into when I did it. Here goes.

I was looking for an e.b. for about 6 months. I have a good income and a good deal of disposeable cash. I knew I could buy a Bronco that was advertised in "Great condition" for $6000. I still decided to get a really good one that would run, drive, etc. and need no major work. I ended up getting one from a guy in Missouri for $11,000. It has a 351W, bright orange paint, 35" wheels......VERY nice. I had it shipped to CA where I live now.

Since buying it, I had:

*total re-done custome interior (recaro seats, leather dash, billet gauges,
some digital guages, locar shifter......I mean seriously nice stuff).
* installed A/C
* GIANT radiator (alum)
* New C4 Tranny (twice)
* New brakes
* New Wheel bearings
* New Cam
* New Water pump
* rebuilot transfer case
* rebuilt drive shaft
* new starter
* new exhaust
* complete new intake

Bottom line is I've got $30,000 in this thing and it still has problems (oh yea, e.b's usually have crap paint over rust....which will re-rust just after you buy it). The piont I'm making is that E.B.'s are really cool looking. However, don't fool yourself and think you're going to get a non-basket case for $6k or so. I don't think it happens. Plan on spending crazy money to update / rebuild EVERYTHING after you buy it. Otherwise, everything will break, constantly, when you don't suspect it.


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Sep 9, 2000
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blue66tang said:
Hmm so basicaly it just like owning a an early mustang.
Only the entry price is alot higher.

Usually halfway decent drivable Broncos around here are in the 6500-8500 range. Notice I didnt say 'really nice'....

I'd love to have an early Bronco, but I just cant afford one and can barely afford an early Mustang.