eastwoods fender lip roller(have you used one)

Has any one ever used eastwoods fender lip roller? It looks pretty nice but expencive! might have a couple people who want to have theres done and can split the cost. I would just like to know how good it works or if cutting slits in the lip and bending them back is a better option:shrug: http://www.eastwoodco.com/jump.jsp?itemID=6159&itemType=PRODUCT

does any one have one of theses they want to get rid of?

I am also wondering if you can stretch the fender flare out more after the lip has been rolled all the way? Or does it not have enough leverage?

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I used it and it worked awesome. Heat gun and patience!!!! Try checking on your local car forums, you might find someone renting one out. I found one to use for free on a local SVT forum.
Tell me more about using a bat… I’ve been using an adjustable wrench and a rubber mallet…:shrug: its not as precise as this tool may be, but I would still like to know how u rolled with a bat.
My tire and suspension setup was low enough and wide enough that I couldn't use a baseball bat. It wouldn't fit. I went to a wood supply company and purhcased a 1.5" oak dowel (like used as a closet rod). It worked great on one fender but the other side revealed bondo. I now have a new quarter panel. I got lucky and found this out at the begining of the body work stage. Check for bondo on the fender before rolling!!!!!!!
I used one, it is great. Take your time! Befor you start make sure you dont have any filler or seam seal around your wheel wells.


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