Eastwood's Road Salt Neutralizer - Anyone Have Experience?

My new 2013 5.0 is a DD. Yes, I know I should have a winter beater, but I honestly can't afford the time/$ to keep after three cars.

Here in PA, we get occasional snow. Now when my kids are off school, my wife has me take her FWD family truckster in to the office, so I can often avoid the worst, but I do encounter salt from time to time. Due to daily use, my 2000 GT started developing a small rust patch at maybe 135k miles or so, just on the rear passenger fender lip. I am hoping to prevent that with my new ride.

To my point - has anyone used Eastwood's Road Salt Neutralizer? I am thinking I can spray that up inside the fenders and it will help. The only problems I see are hosing it off (I don't run the water outside in the winter) and frequency. How often do you use it - every time you drive in the salt, or maybe just once a week? And do I really need to hose it off, or would a second spray bottle with plain water be sufficient to remove the chemicals?

Thanks for your help.

Sidebar - why do people always look at us Mustangers like we're from outer space for driving a rear-wheel-drive, high-powered, fairly expensive coupe in the winter? And then give our friends the BMW drivers a free pass? Yes, I know BMW has the xi package, but there are still a lot of RWD's out there. Why doesn't anyone say to the BMW driver, "oh, you need a winter beater"? (No offense to BMW owners, we've had a few in our extended family - but this puzzles me a great deal!)
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Well, I can't speak for the Road Salt Neutralizer...I hadn't even know of it's existence till now. Sounds intriguing especially for these areas where they practically turn the black pavement to white in the winter time when there's so much as a mere mention of that dreaded four-letter word.

But as for your sidebar, I think it's all in the image the car gives off. I guess people would expect a rear-wheel-drive, high-powered muscle car to slip and slide all over the place as soon as the tire even touches snow. But a luxury car should apparently easily glide through the same snow even if that luxury car has 100+ more horsepower under the hood than the muscle car.

I've personally never really had any problems driving in the snow, unless there's too much of it on the roads. My '03 GT can handle up to a few inches as long as I'm careful behind the wheel. A decent set of tires makes a difference too. On the *real* bad days (as few of them as there are) I'll just stay home or try to borrow dad's truck. Around these parts, road crews are pretty good at clearing roads off when it does snow.
Agreed - my 2000 GT wasn't too bad. In fact, although it fishtailed, it always had better traction than other RWD cars in my family that had open diffs in the back.

I just think it's funny how people find such interesting things to say or ask when they find out you have a Mustang. My favorite thing these days is responding to gas mileage questions. All other things being equal, they're not significantly better or worse than any other car these days. I love their look of shock when I say I get 28-29 on the highway. Nobody asks Volvo or Buick owners about their gas mileage!

As for the salt, I just might give the neutralizer a try.