Educate me on exhaust systems


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Feb 13, 2011
N.E. Wisconsin
I have a 2008 GT 4.6 liter with stock exhaust. To me, it sounds pretty good but if it could be a little louder and more throaty, I'd be happier. I've gone through much of the endless sound clips and they aren't much help. A couple of the systems can be eliminated but most of them sound like the old rice-grinders of the 80s and 90s. I don't know how to explain this but I don't like the sort of backward exhaust that you get when you let your foot off the internal backfiring sounds that the little cheapie *** cars make. I just bought this car and have a 66 GT that sounds great with Cherry Bombs on the 289. I have heard some new S-197s that sound good but I'm assuming that they have cams, headers, cat-backs or some combination that isn't acheived by simply adding axle-backs. Suggestions?
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Apr 17, 2011
Colchester CT.
I have an 06 GT and I just replaced my stock mufflers with Flow masters American thunder mufflers. I like the sound its louder but not enough to get my wife upset and there is no droning.


Dec 11, 2009
its funny but i,ve read here that the best sounding cars are the 05 to 10s have the best sound, all stock systems.
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