Eleanor Tips

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maybe u can find something at http://www.ronaelemustang.com/ or http://www.thalondesign.com/ by the way I think Thalon Design has the best replica body kit, it looks amazing, i feel ronaele didn't do much with his kit, you should check out the details and the body kit with the orginal, very nicly done, as for Cervinis they have "Don't Blink Eleanor is Coming" sign for ages still no kit, after seeing the Thalon Design i don't think any other kit can top that

now this is HOT

The Thalon kit looks nice. But it will probably be insanely expensive and require extensive bodywork. It sure doesn't look like a bolt on affair. And it's fiberglass. :notnice: I would wait to see what Cervini's has up their sleeve. They always have nice quality stuff. The car they have on the Thalon site looks to me like a show car thats had A LOT of work put into it. Like the taillights, they are very cool (The car should've had them in the first place like the concept did!) but it would require a lot of work to make it happen. Im just skeptical, where did this company come from anyway? Guess we'll just have to wait till it's actually out.