Electric Fan Vs Clutch Fan Vs Flex Fan On A 68


Jul 16, 2011
I have a 68 mustang with a 302/t5 that needs cooling, i have a alluninum two row radiator and a 75 amp alternator. Need advise on best option, this car is a cruiser not racer. I live in houston so it gets hot.

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I am not familiar with the 68 stangs, but I have a ford racing 340hp 302ci motor in my 66 and have a three row aluminum radiator and a 16" maradyne electric fan. It has never even thought about overheating even in stop and go traffic and the ac on. I live inland in San Diego 100+ degrees F. In the summer time.
I have a V-8 in my '66 with an electric fan.
Never over heats. I'm just down the road from you in Louisiana, gets hot here too.

The 75A alt should be enough to run a fan. But if you also have A/C I would think about getting a higher amp one.
I'm running a 100A alt out of a '80-'90's Lincoln Town car. Never had a problem with a dead battery.

One of the great side effects of an electric fan (besides losing the parasitic hp drain) is how quiet they are compared the the water pump mounted fans.
my experience with clutch fans is somewhat abysmal as they all tend to fail more often than a flex fan or an electric fan. the flex fans tend to be very loud though, but at least are reliable. the electric fan is the way to go, they are quiet, reliable, and easy enough to install.
im gonna try the dual contour fan..the mark viii and taurus fan were way too thick to fit in my 66, even with heavy trimming...

fyi I currently have a mechanical stock fan with fan shroud. 340 hp and a good aluminum two row radiator and it never overheats, even in 100+ cali weather

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I bought a spal and finally connected it right, i am really pleased with it thanks guys. A little loud but so what, just turn up the radio.

I have 4 1/4 clearance from radiator to my pulley
Hey Mando,
Warning! big problem with regular fans that people are mentioning. You pointed out you have a 65amp alt. None of those fans will work and they will fry your alternator. I know you said cheap, but sometimes cheap is more expensive. Take a look at the brushless fan from Delta PAG it only burns 16amps and pulls the most air of all the other fans. check them out at deltapag.com