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May 8, 2008
So i had a fire in my engine bay that burnt most of my computer harness, i got a new harness, however i think it may be a manual (my car is automatic) due to the fact that there is a round connector at the computer not being used. I have power to injectors, so my computer has power. When i turn on the ignition my dash lights up, and i get power to the coil, so my ignition switch is fine. The thing i cant figure out is how im getting no power to the red/blu wir on the starter relay(no crank), and absolutely no power to the fuel pump, and i mean not before or after the breaker switch at the driver side back tail light. Ive come to the conclusion that maybe the harness being from a manual has messed up my nutural/park safety swich....am i right in assuming this, and if so how can i fix it, short of pulling the whole harness out again? all input is appreciated, Ive been banging my head against a wall lol. :shrug:
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it primes if i jump the relay, but like i said the circuit that closes the relay has no power, not before or after the relay switch, what do you suppose would cause this if not the nss?
Check the fuse link for the fuel pump.

There is two plugs under the dash that normally plug into the clutch switch. The black one engages the starter. It should have a jumper installed. The white one is the NSS signal for the ECM.

What year car, and what year is the harness from?