Emission Testing Issues


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Oct 11, 2006
Kingston, On, Canada
I need to get my car passed e test this coming July and I have 5 systems that are not ready when i do an OBD2 scan. In Ontario, i am only allowed 1 system not ready.

The systems that are not ready are:
-EVAP system
-Oxygen sensor
-Oxygen sensor heater
-EGR system

Some background on the car....It is a 2001 GT with a tork tech kit on it. I am running the eaton off of an 03/04 cobra. The car has an EGR delete and I no longer have the EGR system that came off of my car. Car also has long tube headers and catted x pipe.

Is it possible to tune these so they are all "ready" ? almost like an emissions compliance tune?

Any input is appreciated!


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Without the EGR system connected, I don't know how you'd fool the computer into thinking the EGR was intact & the O2 sensors were functioning properly. I have an SCT 4 tuner for my '01 & there's no way to program that functionality back into the computer. You can program for the deleted equipment, but not in a way that will make OBD II "read" emissions compliant.

Others may know some workarounds, however.