engine balancing


New Member
Sep 22, 2004
Could someone explain the basic benefits of having a machine shop balance an engine? Is there any benefit of having a short block balanced to the clutch and flywheel?
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Balancing is VERY important, especially when dealing with new parts. Without balancing you will destroy the bearings and create a ton of harmonics and stress.

I personally do not balance with the clutch on, but using the proper flywheel and balancer are nice, or atleast have them checked if they use a shop set to balance. You would be surprised how many balancers and flywheels are not what they advertise.
I recently had my spare motor balanced. the entire rotaing assembly including the balancer and flywheel. Most good quality aftermarket parts need very little balancing.

I have a Eagle forged crank, H Beam Rods, B50 Block, SRP Pistons, Billet flywheel and Pioneer balancer. Cost under 300.00 for balancing.