Engine smells hot - but - temps are normal??


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May 27, 2019
Sylvania GA
Okay folks. Hope this is the correct forum to post this.

My 1997 GT smells like it's running hot sometimes, but, the temps are normal and there are no visible leaks. All fluids are kept to factory specifications and regularly checked. There is no white smoke from exhaust. No lack of power. No antifreeze smell in cabin and the heat is working as it should. I notice though that I can smell what to me smells like a hot radiator or engine. The smell is coming from under the hood. Again, I see no noticeable leaks to speak of, fluid level maintains itself at a normal level, and there are no other symptoms. What in the world could this smell be? Like I said, it reminds me of a hot engine or radiator. The reservoir cap is nice and tight as well. My AC does not work, but, this has always been the case. My carpets are not wet and I see no fogging of the windshield (heater core). I'm almost scared to drive her, but, I figure that as long as the temp gauge is in the normal range (it usually sits on the "R" in N-O-R-M-A-L and sometimes will reach over to the "M". Never above this. Any ideas, similar experiences, or tips? I'm trying like hell to keep from going to a shop. My budget is pretty tight now that I'm back in med school. Thanks in advance. Oh.....also note that if I have my windows down while driving, sometimes this smell will enter the cabin. Also noted that when I open the little center console tray behind the gear shifter I can smell it. Seems like the smell began after having clutch work done - and the leather boot that surrounds the shifter is loose. Could this be allowing normal engine odor to come into the cabin? It does not smell like clutch, brakes, or rubber. It smells just like a hot motor and/or radiator. I'm stumped. :-(
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