Suspension Excess play in rear suspension, springs not staying in place


Oct 10, 2004
Burke, VA
Basic car info:
Lowered from stock by previous owner(s), I'm not sure what springs are on the car. I believe everything else suspension-wise is stock.

The car just failed safety inspection because when it's up on the lift and the suspension is unloaded, the axle drops enough to let the tops of the rear springs rotate back towards the rear of the car - worse on driver's side than passenger's. They sit on the lower control arm perch, but there is enough play that I could just pull the springs and isolators out of the car. When on the ground, everything sits in place as it should and the car drives normally (or maybe what I've come to feel is normal if we have major issues here).

Is this a sign of bad shocks, letting the suspension travel too far; or worn springs that don't spring back to their un-compressed position any longer? Both?

I'm planning on overhauling the rear this winter so I'm open to fixes and suggestions for parts replacement. I was looking at a Maximum Motorsports package for the LCAs and Panhard Bar, but spring and shock recommendations are welcome.
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mine usually gets hard with the car on
May 31, 2019
Salisbury, MD
How did the PO lower the car? Did they cut the springs, or use lowering springs? Is there any possibility that the wrong shocks are on the car? It's my understanding that Fox body shocks are shorter than SN95s, but I have seen some places where the same shock is listed for 84-04.


i'm familiar with penetration
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Feb 18, 2001
I agree. You need new springs. They should remaine under tension even with suspension at full drop.

Fox and sn95 rear shocks have same free lenght, only difference is sn95 shocks have internal bump stops.
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Nov 13, 1999
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I agree. You need new springs. They should remaine under tension even with suspension at full drop.

Fox and sn95 rear shocks have same free lenght, only difference is sn95 shocks have internal bump stops.
You mean "They should remain under some compression even with suspension at full drop".
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