Exhaust and intake


New Member
Apr 25, 2008
I was reading some reviews on exhaust systems and i came down to the decision of getting the slp catback system and i want long tube headers but im stuck on which brand. Also would it hurt my motor getting long tubes since im gonna be NA.
Also do i need any other mods to support a intake plenum and throttle body and cai?
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I dont think running LT's would hurt the motor...if anything it should help it.But remember that most LT's will not let you pull the tranny without removing the LT's and if you pay someone to do it they will charge you alot more.Whenever I decied to do headers Im gonna go the mid length route.They are almost Lt's but you can pulll the tranny without removing them.Only problem is that only JBA and Bassani make them and only there mid pipes fit them unless you get the mid pipe custom done.But for LT's everyone seems to like BBK and Mac and my buds that have them like them alot.I have no experience with them but I was researching it a month or so ago.