Exhaust leak at manifold/exhaust pipe joint


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Sep 18, 2011
Hey there! So, I've got an exhaust leak at the point where the exhaust pipe and the mainfold join. What's happened is that the spring bolts have rusted, and the lower bolt is completely broken. (Pitcure attached--hopefully)

In researching possible fixes, I came across the idea of replacing the gasket there with a ball and socket flange. It seems pretty labor intensive, but that doesn't put me off so much as the thought that it may not be the best solution. (A little background--I'm new to the DIY car repair world, but have been successful at all the repairs I've attempted thus far [muffler and resonator, wheel bearings and brakes, oil change and coolant flush, and spark plugs]).

Does anyone have any insight as to the best way to approach this repair?


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Yep... I do.

Scrap the exhaust manifold and purchase a new header and mid-pipe. Don't forget to get a new O2 sensor while you're ordering. A 3 way would be a good idea too, if you're looking to retain the CAT.


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Sep 8, 2002
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I would replace the manifold with a Ranger header and some new bolts. Make sure you spray those manifold bolts with plenty of PB blaster before you try and remove them.
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