Exhaust! :shrug:


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Nov 10, 2004
want to upgrade the exhaust on my 98 gt, but there are too many choices! i'm a teenager on a budget. could i just add and X or H pipe and leave the factory mufflers?would it sound good? or do i have to do a complete catback system? please help with the best way to get louder with the least amount of money!
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Stock mufflers with an X pipe or H pipe would be deeper, but not as loud as if you added aftermarket mufflers.

The cheapest way to "get loud" is to have a shop weld in some mufflers. You could have this done for about 250 bucks (that seems to be about what most people pay), which includes the cost of the mufflers. For about 100 bucks more, you could get a whole catback system.

A good resource to check out is www.mustangexhaust.com

They have lots of sound clips on just about any combination.