F cam


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Sep 19, 2002
Orange Park, FL
just got off the phone with summits tech line they said with my setup i can use either the E , F, or B cam i want a pretty rough idle but also want it to be emission legal......so my question is E or F cam?

and the heads im putting on are eldebrock performer heads along with a eldebrock upper/lower intake manifold
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My Eldebrock performer heads came tonight!! just gotta get a few more things i ordered from summit, should be here tomarrow and gotta run out and buy a nice oil pan and im set to start rebuilding! Damn Stainless steel bolts with a ford logo on the head of them cost 70 bucks lol :banana:
i got a dyno sheet making 293 rwhp (don't remember torque) runing performer heads 2.02, performer RPM intake, F cam, 1.7 ford rockers. I love the setup. It really rumbles and you can really tell it has a cam. The idle is somewhat rough, the engine shakes like a red headed stepchild after a beating. gotta love it.