Fender flares on 65 fb need info

I would like to re-radius the wheel openings on my 65 project. I like the look of the GT-350-SR but I'm un sure how this is done (correctly). Has anyone done this or know the correct procedure how to do this. I'm sure fiberglass flairs are used. Need info.
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I've never stumbled accross anyplace that sells the flares already made. Tho I must admit, I've never looked either.

I think you'll end up having to do some sort of a custom job.

Most guys tend to opt for widening the wheel wells over flaring the fenders.
They have a new style coming out all metal, be sure to inquire about those and from what I understand they can go as big as a 6" flare for the 65-66 & 67-68

If you look in the link thats what they are selling!! but I saw nothing about the 6 inch ones. but I wouldnt buy 6 inch flares unless i didn't care about the looks and was just using it for racing. I think they would look bad. Just my opinion though.