Few questions.. maybe serious maybe not..


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Nov 29, 2004
well i got 2 questions..

1. why do i smell oil (i think its oil) every time i turn on the heat or A/C or the fan or anything.. No oil leaking that i have seen..

2. how come my throw-out bearing always squeaks.. ive had 3 different bearings in.. in the last 2 months.. with 2 different clutches.. one spec one king cobra.. before i did the 2 clutch replacements never squeaked.. why is it squeaking now?

any ideas would be great..
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if you have a little oil leak and it burns a little, when the HVAC motor is on, the smell can come on through.

how did your bearing retainer look when you had the trans out?

good luck.
well.. i have used 1 spec TO bearing that came in the kit.. 1 ford TO bearing i bought.. and 1 King cobra kit bearing that came in the kit.. and the retainer (if thats the rod tube thing that the bearing slides on) looked a little scraped and scared.. actually probably pretty bad
My TO bearing squeaks like crazy, so when I am sitting at Idle I'll rest my foot on the clutch just barely pushing on it and that will make the noise go away. I know thats not a good solution but that noise drives me crazy.
94-302-vert said:
Did you use a ford TO bearing or the ones that come in the kits. I understand there is a world of difference.

I also have always heard the same thing.

Then again he said he has used the ford tb but still has probs :shrug: