finally have a good running stang


My "0" key d0esn't w0rk, s0 I have t0 use the zer0
Nov 19, 2005
mooresville, nc
wow...ive had the car for 4 years now i think and its just never run right. its always had a high rpm miss that i couldnt figure out. and it was fouling the number 1 plug all the time. ive changed everything on the car and finally this weekend decided to see if it was the injectors. i swapped out the number 1 injector with one that i knew was good and the thing runs like a champ now. no more miss and it actually sounds like a mustang and not a truck. i just had to tell someone because im so pumped to finally have fixed this thing
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I hope to get to that place this summer. Currently the motor is gone but it is getting replaced in early may. Congrats on your car. Keep up the maint on it and keep it running well.
vikingpower said:
4 years is a long time! Why so long? I assume you dont drive it that much.

ive always had a hard time putting money into the car unless it was an upgrade. and i would spend a little bit to try to fix it and it would run a little better so i would leave it alone for a while and than i just got fed up with it and finally realized that it was probably an injector. so i replaced that one and it runs great. im gonna replace all of them now and hopefully it will run even better