Finding My Exhaust Leak...


I've been lubing and pulling it all morning
Jul 18, 2013
so I use this method all the time for finding vacuum leaks on the intake side of the motor. I am now curious if it will help me find my elusive exhaust leak.

what I normally do is, cap off the intake and put a fitting on to the cap sealed with silicone. I then lower my compressor down to 5 to 10 psi and hook up the compressor to the fitting on the front of the intake or throttle body. Spray soapy water everywhere and look for bubbles.

It has worked for me extremely well in the past. Now I am wondering if I can do the exact same thing but on the exhaust. Pretty much put the cap on the tail pipe. I don't see why it wouldn't work, but has anybody here done this before?
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I have used a smoke machine in the past to identify leaks like you're talking about. I can't see how the pressure would hurt anything though.
start the car when cold and hold tissue paper around the exhaust manifolds to see the exhaust leaks puff on the paper. Or if in the pipes block off tips and listen and or look for the leak. Or suck in some seafoam and do the same thing to make smoke come out the exhaust where it is leaking. Just some cheap ideas.