Finished my sub install - Fox Convertible


New Member
Jan 25, 2010
Bowie, MD
So I was up until 4am but I got it done, I like how it came out, looks clean almost stock. What I did was took a truck style box, set it in the spare tire well, used some 3/4 mdf to sqaure it up stable and mount the sub box. The I used 1/4 particle(?) board and traced my trunk carpet on to it and cut it out.The did some measuring to figure out where to cut the whole for the box to come through, this took some time, didn't have to be perfect though because the last step can cover mistakes.Then I used some left over pieces of a 1x4x8(?) and mounted the partical board to those to raise up the floor a little and give me some good wood to mount the amp. Final step was to cut the hole in the trunk carpet and then get the amp mounted and wired and done.



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