Exhaust Flowmaster catback exhaust install kicking my butt....


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Jun 14, 2007
Seriously...I hate working on anything exhaust related. On our 67 fastback I had less headache removing the transmission than trying to put on a "simple" catback exhaust on our 93 lx hatch.

The car has stock headers and stock h pipe. I managed to get the passenger side done. While sitting on my 4 post lift the exhaust has maybe a 1/2" from rubbing on the tire.

The drivers side was a pain getting the tail pipe into the muffler. I had it barely on and the exhaust tip sat out past the bumper farther than the passenger side.

So I decided to try and get the tail pipe into the muffler a little further. Which I did, then that side exhaust tip sat much lower than the passenger side and
it's rubbing on the tire!

My process has been install tail pipes and muffler, then bolt it to the stock h pipe.

Seriously, what am I doing wrong?
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We installed the cat back on my Coupe and when everything cleared all the Maximum Motorsports suspension one of the tail pipes was a little longer than the other one. Solution was to trim it back and then take a flapper disc and clean up the edges. Cannot tell it was ever touched. My concern was more with not banging on the suspension and clearing the tires vs. if the tips were even as that was easily fixed.
Exhausts can be a pain.
Sometimes things are off because of the orientation of the flow tubes.
Flowmaster isn't exactly known for great fitment. Back in the day many had to be cut and welded to fit.
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I feel your pain with exhaust work,(pita). The last catback, my current one , went ok considering its a used slp loudmouth .
Needed to readjust tailpipe after a few thousand miles. At least you got a lift ,I did it on my back .
Geez I figured the flowmaster fitment wouldn't be this bad. I installed flowmaster years ago on my old 92 coupe and don't recall this many problems. I'll try again this evening, but I feel like throwing in the towel.
I got it installed finally! The exhaust tip rubber isolator on the drivers side looks pretty stretched and it sits lower than the passenger side. So I'll be ordering some up.


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