FMS Hydraulic roller listers (are these the ones i need?)


I need my gorilla to be about an inch longer.
Nov 15, 2005
heya, im about to order my lifters (should be the last thing i need before i assemble my top end).

The ones im looking at state that they are the replacements for the 5.0 HO motors or non-roller blocks converted to roller blocks. Just want to make sure that part number: FMS-M-6500-R302 are the ones i need. Mods listed below if needed

Stock block 302 bored .030 over (rotating assembly balanced)
TFS 10:1 forged pistons
Eagle Rods
Eagle Steel Crank
Edelbrock Air Gap Intake
Holley 600 DP carb
TFS stage II cam
New Cam thrust plate
FRPP balancer
TFS 6.700 pushrods
TFS TrackHeat Heads (out of the box)
Scorpion 1.6 rockers
Double roller timnig chain
Melling standard volume oil pump, pickup & ARP oil pump driveshaft
New stock oil pan
MAC 1 5/8 equal length shorties
O/R H pipe
(rest of exhaust undetermined as of yet)
Super King Cobra Clutch
Resurfaced flywheel
All new ARP botls holding everything together
T-5 rebuilt with Hanlon internals
Stock rear end (3.08's)
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I'm almost 100% positive you have the right part number, I'll check to make sure when I get home (I have the box they came in in my basement). I swear in this months 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford magazine I saw that one of the bigger parts dealers (not summit or jegs) was selling the set of 16 of these (Ford Racing) for $68! I'll check into that as well once I get home. Hope this helps!
dude! that would be awesome if you could help me out.. that would be the 2nd best deal of my week.. im goin to look at an 88 notch 4 cyl for 100 bucks today :)
monte87 said:
yup! those are them-Just bought a set myself for $104.88 on summit.


Cool thanks! Is there any specific way to prep these before i put them in? ive heard of putting them in a cup of new oil overnight or something, but i cant remember if that was for my stang or my eclipse
This is what i did-

Take the lifters, place them in a small container-that you can fit all 16 of them in an upright position, and pour an entire quart of 5W30 oil into them and leave them for a few days. The oil bleeds the air out. the longer the better.

Later Ant :nice: