Focus, not Mustang this time


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May 13, 2004
Hey guys,

Haven't been online much as of late, but I had a question concerning my wifes 2005 Focus. It is a 5-speed and we have been having "issues" with her tranny. It doesn't want to engage in first gear at grinding issues when shifting from 2nd into 1st (I can believe the flywheel is spinning too fast like the shop has said time and time again) but when you first start it and go to put it into 1st she ALSO grinds at times??? This makes NO sense to me.

Also, apparently it has been popping out of 2nd both when going up and down the tree. This REALLY concerns me because this car is STILL under warrantee (which explains why they can't ever seem to find the problem, the passenger seat belt also locks up at inopportune times) and I was wondering if anyone else has a Focus and has had similar experiences? I am ready to get rid of this dang car, but we still owe a LOT of money on it and not sure what the bank would say about a trade.

Anyway, thanks for any advice or experiences in advance,
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if it grinds are you sure the clutch pedal is to the floor??? before trying to put it in 1st?? if the clutch is gripping and re-leasing right then sounds like a snycro problem....i would try to press the lemon law on them if they keep jerking your chain take it to a diff dealer if they "cant find anything" get it in writing then have another opion on it...from lets say a tranny only shop...thats how i would do it...i know some people have been busting fords balls about the tremec trannys in some of the newer gt grinding and tremec even said they know about the problem...the focus we use to have was the best car we have ever had.....
I work at a budget rent a car and we had a zx3 that did the same thing. The owner of the place is the owner of the ford dealership in town and he had said it was a repeating problem with some different focuses that they were getting back. I would deffantly take it back get it in writing that they think theres nothing wrong, then take it to a good tranny shop. Hope all turns out well.