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Embarassing, but, a 04 mustang 3.9L v6 (this 05 is practicly my first car).

We would race every time he'd do a mod, wait at the stop light by the college, and i would always let him go first, even though he was a manual, but i could always pull ahead of him. Even after getting dual exhuast, still could pull away. Think because his shop never put an H pipe in it. Once i get my duals with my x pipe, i'm going to smoke him, and to think i'm only an auto...
Ok, rewind to the past, I had a '69 350 Impala, 4-speed, 4.11's, intake, carb, headers, mild cam, etc., etc . . . and I was racing in the Bracket Sportsman class. Every week I ran this car on Friday and Saturday nites and there was this guy who had a 69 351 Cougar that everyone called "Scratch" because he was always scratching his personals.

I used to take my dog with me to the track too and my dog didn't care much for this guy as every time he came by our pit he would torment him. Well, one day, as usual, he was over in our pit boasting about how good he was and how he would smoke me if we ever lined up against each other. About the time he was getting real mouthy he started messing with my dog and my dog bit him!! Oh crap, I thought, I may not get to bring him back because he did that. But "Scratch" went on to win that night! So, from then on he came by my pit every week trying to get my dog to bite him again?? Now that I have established Scratch's mentality lets get on with the story.

We never paired with each other in the many years I raced at this track as there were always over 150 cars in this class, but finally one week in the 1/4 finals, we met, I got the tree on him and we both went on our dial-in which was the same that night. So it was a heads-up race and I couldn't be thankful enough that it turned out how it did. I was finally able to shut this guy up. The best part was he never came around my pit site after that either. :D
The year was 1984. I had my 69 Mustang Mach 1 with a 302 Boss blueprinted and balanced, 4 speed hurst etc. Raced a 69 Camaro SS (rich kid, daddy did all the mods, paint job, tires and rims etc. - really p'd me off in the day). We had raced 3 or 4 times, I had won only once - that car was really, really quick. During the last race (this is freaking great), his girlfriend was driving and we were lined up - bang off we go. I hit second gear at about 50 mph (if I recall correctly) and launched - I look to my side and all I heard was BANG! There went his motor :) :) Daddy must not have been to pleased b/c he got a stock 350 put back in it! He could never keep up after that :) My Mustang KILLED the Camaro during that race. Ah, life is really good sometimes :)
a mazda miata. i was just minding my business but this dame kept tearing off from stoplights trying to cut me off. finally i got fed up and just roasted her. i think she got the point. you may now call me the miata killer.
bleedingvayneAD said:
My friend has a Dodge Stealth twin turbo and we go out driving and race at every stop light. Even though he has 300hp as well, it seems to make his car slower than mine because I always have to wait a month of sundays for him at the next light.

mebbe his v-tech didn't spool up...

Possibly, but I think that the V-8's torque is too much for him. Don't compare his car to something like an STi - you know, 300hp AND turbo - its not that quick. The stats for his twin turbo are 5.1 sec. 0-60, so I think my car is simply, purely, and undoubtedly faster (and sexier).
My most memorable race was when I was in high school with my old 70 AMC Ambassador [390-4bbl] against a mid 70s Camaro. It was just like a movie: I did it right in front of a police car stopped at a light to my right. I smoked the tires, and went about a three blocks with the siren wailing away behind me before I even knew he was there. I got tickets for marring the pavement, unsafe start and speeding. I think the cop thought I was touched in the head for taking off like that right in front of him.

I really got lucky because I knew an assistant DA at the time [yes, this was in high school] who got me a break, so I ended up with no marks on my license, but I did pay the fine and get read the riot act by the judge right there in court.

The guy in the Camaro was a local cop's son, and he got away clean, so the loser was the winner because the cop took off after me. He drove by me laughing while the cop had me pulled over as well.

Mike Elia "a lot older and a little smarter"
05 GT lime
87 Buick Regal Turbo T
Here's one...I'm at the Shell station around 10pm and the local cop (Mid-Late 20's, kinda young) pulls in and we get into a convo about our cars, (I had a 97 Camaro Z28 at the time) and he was talking about he had he cruiser all tricked up. I jokingly suggested we race and settle it. To my surprise he simply said, "Ok, lets do it."
As I was busy trying to figure out whether he was yanking my chain or not he suggested we meet back at the gas station at midnight b/c he'd be the only officer on duty... I'm thinking, "street race a cop? once in a lifetime!"
I show up at 12 just for the hell of it, (a bunch of friends didn't believe me so i invited them too just in case) thinking he'd never show, but surprisingly he shows up a few min. later.
We line up at the light and are even the entire way down the street. About 1/2 mile later give or take, I see another cop coming in the opposite direction and the young gun next to me flashes his lights at him! I stand on the brakes and watch as the passing cruiser flips a U-turn and I've already pissed my pants (figuratively)
I caught a light for a left turn and headed down a different street ducking into a grocery store parking lot...i never saw either of the cops go past or look for me, but I was definitely too scared to move from my "hiding spot" for a good 20 friends (who had been tailing me during the race) said the two cruisers took off somewhere else...
As of 18 years...still the scariest moment of my life. (I told my mom 6 months later and she grounded me for the weekend....)
Not necessarily a kill...but my mom would've killed me had I been caught. (Close enough?)
It was 1967, I was 19, and I was driving a 1959 XK-150. Hey, they were cheap to buy in those days. I came to a toll brige and stopped only to hear some guy revving at me from the other booth.

It was some guy around 30 in an Mercury and I could see had a 3 on the tree. He had a greasy black ducktail and was wearing a white t shirt with the sleeve rolled up to hold a pack of smokes and shades. We left the toll booths and accelerated--not hard--up to 60. Then he revved again and waved at me. I'm wasn't into street racing but I dropped down to 3rd and sped up to 70. He downshifted, must have been into 2nd, and his engine blew! Huge clouds of white smoke in my rear view mirror.

Even though I wasn't racing, and we never exceded the speed limit, I count that as definite KILL!
2005 Dodge SRT-4

April 29, 2005, I was heading to the 2nd Annual Mustang Madness at Sacramento Raceway mixed in a group of "Big Boys". All of a sudden a Subaru WRX-STI (know better than to try this guy... :p ) and a Dodge "Neon" SRT-4 come wizzing in the mix. The fellas in the SRT-4 are filming and the passanger looks over at me at a light.

Now, mind you I know my car and the limitations. We have a 210 Base HP RW against the FW SRT-4 Turbo Base Stage with 215 base. I know I can get him at the line, but still think..Nah...avoid the shame. So as the light turns green he juices the little Dodge. POP...Pufff, Pufff.... I'm thinking :shrug: ...Wonder what this young man has done to his nice new Neon???? So, as I pull up next to him in the lane, I am hearing early detonation each time he revs to shift. NOW..I know I have a kill. :lol: ...So, I am playing a little cat and mouse along the way, listening to his incorrect timing and detonation, he is zooming in and out of the "Big Guys" and they are playing with his A** and pretty much spanking him.......I let another few miles go until we get to an open industrial type section of the Blvd. At a light, I finally look over and both the driver and passanger are looking over at me. I smile and give 'em 'the nod'....He revs...I rev...Light turns green....and I :owned: that little man.

He ends out backing off and I have a feeling that his little race against my Red V-6 was edited from the final film posts... Hahahahahahahaha....

Tulsa Oklahoma, Peroria Avenue (the strip), Belaire Shopping Center 1974,

The local custom was to run for $20 to $50. Generally, you would hang out in the parking lot, and trash talk who ever you wanted to run, until they decided to put the money down. The starter would hold the money. Who ever won, would drive back to the starter, pick up the cash and then everyone would head back to the strip to cruise and maybe find another race.

I had a '65 Comet Caliente with a warmed over 289 C4 auto. It would run with just about any mustang 289 or 302, was deadly to 283 and 307 Novas and Camaros, and was a great car for these races because it looked like your mothers car.

One night, a guy I barely knew, came up and said that he knew of a Chevelle with a 307 that would run me for $50. Now $50 was a big deal for me. The Chevelle was parked across the lot and looked innocent enough, little poverty caps on what looked like stock wheels, two door post, bench seat, three on the tree just moved to the floor. It even had those little crossed flag 307 badges on the front fenders. I thought it would be easy money. So I gave my new friend my $50. Within a few seconds the owner of the Chevelle popped up with his money. And then he started up that little 307. Turns out that mouse had a bad case of rat motor. I started to protest that things were not as they appeared, and my new buddy got very firm about a race being a race. And he had afew more friends that felt the same way, and in fact they were even going to see to it that I didn't back out. I knew that I had been set up in the worst possible way,

So we headed off to where we going to run, in an industrial park now empty of workers. I pretty much knew that I was going to say good buy to my money, and that was it. My main concern was to not get my donkey beat by my new "friends". We lined up, I did a half hearted burn out and waited for the start. The Chevelle did it's burn out. No power stall, just about lifted the front end off the ground. The starter dropped his arms and I got a little jump off the line while the Chevelle started to hook up. Once he got a bite he blew past like I was chained to a post. Until he reached for second gear.. which he missed.... overrevved to about 9k. BANG! the engine locked up when he put a rod through the block, and then it came loose and tore the engine up. A huge cloud of smoke, mostly steam, poured out from underneath the car. I motored right on past. I shut down and did a parking brake turn, and drove straight back to the starter. He was standing there stunned in disbelief, eyes as big as the hole in that block. I grabbed the money out of his hand and jumped back into my car. The last thing I saw was the river of anti-freeze and oil running out from under the Chevelle. I never saw those guys again.