For those who have installeed sport seats ?

I just installed the Simmit racing Sport seats in my 89 Vert. I bought them used and they are like new. The guy didn't sell me the seat adaptors so I used the OEM seat tracks. The problem I have is the seats are sitting up too high and they don't go back far enough. My knees are hitting the steering wheel and I hit my head getting in and out of the car. My question is.... does anyone know if I used the aftermarket seat adaptors will it lower the seat any and will it give me any more leg room?

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I have Cerullo seats in mine, and the brackets they sell for our cars have 3 heights at which you can install them. I think the difference between the shortest and tallest is .5" though, so it's not really a world of difference. They don't go back incredibly far, but for me at 5'10" they go further than necessary for me to fit comfortably.

ok kinda thought so - summit and jegs are pretty much the same then.
I had to remove the sliders that they came with and redrilled the frame so I could put the factory sliders in where I wanted them. They do sit a little higher than stock, but the sliders they came with had a spacer that was probably 3/4 of an inch high. I got rid of those because you can get away with a single steel washer. I also set the frame so that at it furthest back it fits me perfectly. The passenger side can fit pretty much anyone.
You may have to fine tune it to fit them just to you. No one over 6 feet will ever comfortably drive my car. I guess i should say that no one other than me is even allowed to drive my car.