ford discontinued 5.0 short block?


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Apr 24, 2004
buena vista,va
i called my local ford dealer to order a new 5.0 short block.he said it was $1100 my cost plus the old engine.i said i'll take it.he called back and they've been discontinued but he's going to try to find me one at another dealership .checked summit($1300 plus $90 s&h)and the website says no longer available plus a few other motorsports parts.whats going on here?i hate to buy an interenet motor(seen too many go bad and poor customer service)plus the closest rebuilder i use is booked full because he builds alot of dirt track motors.what the hell am i going to do know?
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the first part # says it's in stock but the revised # says n/a.i haven't called them yet to verify it suck s that it'll cost me almost $300 more and i''ll have to wait on it because of truck current block needs to be bored at least .040 and line bored also.i don't want a 331 or 347 because i don't have enough head or cam to take advantage ot the extra cubes plus i just bought a new 50oz sfi balancer and new ford flywheel and most all strokers use 28oz weights.
Daggar said:
Having an item in stock and producing an item are two different things. There are still new 302 blocks to be had but they're not being produced anymore. Once all the new blocks are gone, then they're gone.

Completely agreed. However the poster specifically asked where he could find a frpp stock shortblock, not whether it was in production or not.