Ford Motorsports Rear-End Gears??


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Jan 18, 2004
New Jersey
What do you guys think about installing some 2nd hand Ford Motorsport (factory) 3.73 rear-end gears from an explorer, on my stang.

Think there is anything wrong with that? I know a couple of people that i can get some cheap used explorer 3.73s from with under 50k miles on them. Anyone seem to think this isn't a good idea at all?

Just wanted some input on what you guys thought.

I'd probably have to go out and buy a shim kit for it, and i was wondering if they would be hard re-installing on my car.
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FalconGuy016 said:
I hear that gears wear in to individual cars and you might get totally silly noises or vibrations from the back for a while. Or worse mabye!! :eek:

True. If you transfer all the parts from the explorer, I dont think you will have too big of a problem. BUT I would just spend the extra dough on some new gears. Better deal. And I really wouldnt put gears in that have around 50k on them. Just too many miles for my taste. I prefer brand new.
if you know what you are doing there shouldn't be a problem.
with the gears I got they had about 30 miles on them and there is no noise or anything. You WILL need a shim kit if you want it to be done properly, and a dial in guage, so you can make sure the backlash is within spec or you could lose the pinion gear real quick, I've seen that by some of the "less qualified" people that do them.

a good idea would be to get an install kit, with the axle seals and maybe even bearings, you didn't mention how old your car is and how many miles...

and I just realized how horrible that paragraph sounded but I'm not going to re-write it.
im sure 50,000 is a big difference from 30 mi...and new gears are less than 200. might as well just buy something like that new especially when you have to pay someone to put it in, it would suck to pay all that labor and then have to do it again b/c the used gears are crap