FORD MUSCLE web magazine?


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Oct 31, 2006
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FIRST OFF, I know this post may be borderline taboo. Not only am I asking about another Ford-based website, but I'm posting it in Tech. Mods, hear me out before you hit the :ban: button. Have mercy!

Secondly, I posted this in Tech because it seems like some of our most technical/experienced minds don't wander into Talk very often. :D But if any of you mods deem it necessary to move this to Talk, have at it.

Now, onto my query: I've been researching pretty heavily lately in plans for a engine build for my car. When I browse the web for bits of info, I keep stumbling into this FM web magazine. It looks like they have a wealth of info over there, but unfortunately, it has a membership fee. I'm currently magazine subscription-free (except for Hot Rod, a subscription my Mom has paid for as a recurring Christmas gift since I was old enough to say "Hot Rod"), so I may be interested in this.

So, do any of you StangNetters out there have a membership with Ford Muscle? Has it proved to be valuable? Is it worth my time/money? Are there any other web magazines out there that I should look into?
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Yes, I have been a subscriber off and on for a couple years.
It depends on what you are looking for. I spend most of my time looking in the archives at old articles. Its a little pricey for what you get IMHO.