Ford mustang foxbody lx


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Nov 21, 2022
Hi guys I have a 1993 mustang LX and it won't start. The car has power it turns the lights on and everything. When I try to start the car it doesn't crank. The starter works but it won't crank.

Any ideas?

Maybe it's the ignition switch?
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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Dec 17, 2021
Hes asking if its the igntion switch & That answer can be answered by himself if he knows how to test and see whats bad..

It seems he knows that the starter is operational but doesnt know why it doesnt when trying it the conventional way..........

OP ;- Take a screwdriver and jump the battery terminal wire to the solenoid trigger pin..If the starter triggers its the ignition switch..

If the starter doesnt trigger get a new diode suppressed starter solenoid................

Or with a multimeter remove the trigger wire and turn the key to start and see if you get proper voltage to that trigger wire which is usually lt blue w/red stripe...No voltage check the fuseable link and if fuseable link is good replace the ignition switch .

Ive had a vehicle I bought cheap that had an issue where the ground wire went bad so the resistance exerted from the starter weakened the starter solenoid and burnt up the column switch..........

I had to replace the battery wires and replace the ignition switch also the switch plug plus the starter solenoid and the starter so I bought a starter from a 90 Lincoln Towncar with solenoid built in which eliminated the fender mounted solenoid and replaced the ignition switch w/plug and all of the battery cables...............

Good Luck

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