Ford part no longer produced

96 SnakeWild

New Member
Sep 25, 2020
Hey all, stuck in bind. . Have 1996 svt cobra. . Installed new top in process the rear of top under window, there’s metal strap with scres coming from boy into I terror . The top has holes that go over threads, and metal trap / band then goes over next securing top to car. . .but theres a 9/16 nut, large black flanged bottom that tightens down and secures top to car inside, and that black nut about 1/2 inch tall has button like hook that the well liner also hooks to I believe in 16 locations.. trying to locate the nuts or name or part number. Ford dealer says no longer item made . . Please help it provides secure top,also well liner hanging point , outside diameter git’s 9/16 multi point sock. . Previous top was installed by prior owner and must of used air gun and tearing up plastic outer to shreds , and the inner part and button like tip is metal along with flanged nut built into the mold / nut that connect to body. . .i wish I could describe better but man this is killing me cars Uber cover for ove4 week now unfinished, w2ant done to spec cause plane to keep all stock integrity to Amy car. Thanks all for any help
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