ford racing 5 lug front conversion?

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I think there is a big post about what wheels will fit. I know alot of newer wheels the center caps wont fit. Bullits will fit without the center cap b/c of the dust cap. Do a search there was a big post about what wheels fit lincoln rotors.
Very few wheels will fit. Get spindles off a '94-'95 Mustang (v6 or gt or cobra) and get the calipers too (better brakes).
Then get two used driver's side axles from a '92 or older Ranger with a 7.5" rearend. They should be less than $50 each (I paid $80 for two, the cheapest price around here). Then get Ranger drums and use your stock rear brakes.

Thats the conversion Im doing. Im just waiting for the spindles and calipers I bought to get here.

Im using '03 Mustang V6 wheels.