Ford Racing C springs


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Mar 4, 2010
I have been looking into getting myself a set of these frpp c springs and I just was wondering if anyone else has them if they could please tell me their thoughts and reviews of them also would I need anything extra besides the springs and isolators?
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unless you have a low mileage car, i would recommend shocks and struts as well. Aftermarket adjustable Caster/Camber plates wouldn't be a bad idea either. since its only a 1.25 drop, theres a good chance you may could get away with your factory plates. i would consider rubber isolators over poly as the drop may be tad lower.

be sure to post pics after its lowered :nice:
It's definitely lower without iso's, I'm running frpp c-springs without iso's and I needed c/c plates and an alignment. Realize that removing iso's will give you a slighlty harsher ride, and you should wrap the ends of the springs with electrical tape so you avoid metal-metal squeak.
I had C's on my old 01 GT. I ran them without iso's or anything else and they were perfect.