fox body long tubes in an sn95?


New Member
Apr 2, 2006
Naperville IL
i am buying a 5.0 engine and it currently has a great set up with some hooker long tube comp headers. the only problem is that the headers were ment to be thrown into a 5.0 fox body. i know the sn95's are very similar but i dont want to be suprized if some little thing makes it so my car has to be out of service while i wait for a new pair of headers to come in the mail. i have looked all over online and cant seem to find the answer. anyone have any input on this?
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Well the biggest difference will be that the fox headers have no EGR hookup. I have a set of MAC long tubes on my 94. They will fit. I had to grind out a little bit on the bottom of the K-member. It wasnt a whole lot. Other then that I had no fitment issues. I had to bring the headers up from underneath with the engine jacked upwards. If I knew before hand I would have dropped the engine in with the headers attached.