Brakes Fox front spindles, what rear disc kits available?


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Jun 17, 2016
I have a 5 lug conversion that consists of GT front spindles and Ranger rear drums. Is there an easy swap available to make it 4 wheel discs? I'd rather keep my spindles up front the way they are.
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It sure does make wheel fitment easier with 94-95 spindles. Also rotor change is almost instant. But let's see what the brake guys say. I did the LMR kit that they used to have that was complete ($995). Basically '04 Cobra brakes.

EDIT: for reference that kit was fronts only w/ 13" slotted rotors, new Cobra calipers, sn95 spindles and ball joints, stainless brake lines, etc, etc. Nothing for the rear.
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Nice, but a bit expensive. My rotors are fine up front. I have 03 Cobra rims. I basically ground down the outer edge of the front spindles and fitment is not an issue at this point. Just the rear would be awesome if there is an easy way. Thanks.
My bad. I put that price on there to say which kit it was. They don't sell it anymore. I thought from the first post you were looking for all four corners. I was just trying to nudge you toward the good spindles if you were also doing rotors/calipers up front as well. I still have rear drums too so I'll follow along and see what is said.
Mike, remind me what all is involved in making that combo Cobra spec instead of GT?

The main difference is the axle brackets that bolt to the 8.8” rear. Since the cobra rotor diameter is larger, these are taller along with the anti moan brackets to accommodate.

Also, on the Caliper. The pad supper brackets are different. Cobra versions are wider and stiffer to account for the wider rotor
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