FOX PRO CHAMBER (will it fit?)

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You can make any exhaust fit if you really want it to. All you need is like $30 and an exhaust shop. But from what I have read I don't remember there being a problem but I would wait for someone with experience to post about it. Where is this turbo kit?

I know the hangers are different on the fox's than the 94-95's, but other than that I think it should bolt up.

I found someone selling a 94-95 pro-chamber for long tubes on the corral not too long ago. I think I still have his email if you're interested.
Thanks Mike and Jeremy, I got it all squared away. :nice:

I'll have some pics up tomorrow. So far everything is going smooth on the turbo project. I just started the install today and got all the hot parts done and the intake swap back to the Cobra U/L. Had to do some trimming for this T-66 to fit. I'm gonna start on the cold parts tomorrow morning and should be boosting and tuning around by 3 or 4:00. :D