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Jun 10, 2013
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D@mnitt, popped two today on my right rear. Fox stock rear drum 4 lug. Think they were over tighted when I got my new tires put on. Can't I jack up the rear and put it neutral and pop them out with a hammer then rotate the axel and slide the new studs through a hole somewhere? Read places where I can use washer and a larger nut as a spacer while I crank on a disposable lug nut to draw the stud in. Also read someone using a C-clamp and a long socket over thevthreads as a press and freezing the studs overnight. Anyone done these like this?? Rather do this myself, probably going to get hardend studs if I can find them.
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Right rear is hanging on by two studs, limped to a family driveway. The two studs holding the wheel on are side by side instead of across the diamond. The 2nd stud broke when I was removing the tire to inspect the first stud breaking :bang:
:lol: lmao!!!

Hey it worked great heres a couple pics, studs go in on the right side.


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So this turned into a "might as well do a little bit more while I'm there" project. Couple things I learned about the project, the front rotor studs are a tad smaller in knurl size like .595 and the rear studs are .615/.618 and Oriellys had the Dorman .618 knurl. They worked perfect with this pull them through method. Get a breaker bar or pipe and you can press it very easily with the leverage. Use a some WD40 on the threads and press holes and everything slid in like nice and tight. The washers really help to keep it straight and center it up nicely. To pop them out, use an open lug nut and sit it flush with the stud. Try and use the same one to beat on and a different one to press the stud on. Both will get messed up but in different ways. Here's a few more pics of before, after and during.
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Brake drums are not something you purposely want to bring attention to. Paint them black and make them go away.
That will put the focus of onlookers back on your chrome Cobra rims "where it should be".

Trust me!
dosnt look bad in the pic,maybe a dark blue more like your car though may be less dramatic,but black gets my vote for any drum....not knocking at all though...just saying...