Fox seats in 94-04? (SOLVED / Pictures)


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Aug 7, 2018
Wasn't sure which sub-forum this belonged in, but curious if anyone has ever put fox seats in their sn95? As I've tried the search, both here and google, I can only find results the other way around where people put sn95 seats in a fox, but it still provided me with a lot of good info, like;
  • The track mounting locations on the floor are identical between fox & sn95 but may require rewiring if pwr tracks are used
  • The common reason for putting sn95 seats in a fox is mostly cosmetic
  • The common reason most are uneasy after doing this mod is the sn95 sits considerably higher
I have a 95 GTS (v6 with GT undies). It comes with the standard V6 interior, cloth seats with manual tracks. My wife and I are 6'1 and are simply just not comfortable with the standard setup. Seat height wasn't awesome but tolerable, but mostly was just due to leg room. Then I put in a set of seat extenders and love the extra leg room now, but hate the height increase which appears to be a common theme. I'd like to lower the seats but not looking to engineer new brackets or spend $1k+ for recarros

So, I stand a chance to buy a decent set of seats from a 1990 fox, cloth with manual tracks. Its Titanium vs Opal gray and won't match 100%, but that's not my main concern. I just want a bolt-in solution. And because most people are unhappy with height 'increase' with sn95's in a fox, I can only presume presume if I put fox seats in my 95, it will sit lower. Just curious if anyone has ever done this and what was your take on the setup?
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Personally I didn't see what the rub is on Fox seats until I realized there are a few different kinds. The 'standard' is kind of blah so I can see why the distaste. But the ones I picked up, they were sport seats? , pwr lumbar, adjustable bolsters and pull-out knee support. That's kind of cool for a cloth seat. Picked them up for $50 and for that price, figured its worth the experiment. They just needed a good cleaning but in the end, I think it turned out pretty good.

And for a crude measurement, using a level and tape measure at different parts of the seat vs 95 factory seat, looks like somewhere between .75-1in lower


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Just put the other one in, I actually like it. they're decently comfortable and really like the lower stance, but get to keep the benefits of the extra leg room (seat extenders)

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FYI, your seats are 1990-1991 Sport seats in "Titanium Gray".

$50 for a pair is a good price. With those cleaned up now, you could probably sell them for $200-250ish. I've never seen them in an SN95 before, so definitely a unique look.
That two-tone looks pretty sweet. How're you liking them?

In short, I love these seats. They are just downright more comfortable than the SN95 style. Plus no more space-shuttle launch feeling. The leg bolsters are nice when adjusted. I still haven't wired up a 12v source for the pwr lumbar yet, but then I don't do any extended driving beyond 45-60min.

Frankly I'm surprised more people haven't done this mod since a lot of people usually seem unhappy with the sn95 seat height. Plus this is a direct bolt in making it super simple. As for the two-tone, I probably will try that done before the summer is over, plus I still need to add a rear seat delete too. Right now I got other projects (polish valve covers + GT40 intake install) I'm trying to get done in time for Woodward cruise.