Interior and Upholstery SN95 03-04 Cobra/Bullitt seats in a Fox


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Oct 4, 2018
In case anyone is curious how these look/go in a Fox. Just put these in my 93 convertible. Best upgrade ever. So much more supportive and comfortable. Driver power seat adjustment is great and fairly simple to connect to the factory power lumbar wiring with basic electrical skills. Bolt pattern on the tracks match up perfectly, as has been covered numerous times. I'm 6'3" and these do sit a little higher than the original Fox seats, but the tilt also makes it more comfortable and helps with the legroom. I have the driver's seat fully lowered with the front tilted up slightly and my hair is an inch or so away from the headliner - should note though I'm more legs than torso; so the average 6'+ person is going to come close to the headliner or be right against it.


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