From bad, to good to TERRIBLE. Please read

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Jan 14, 2019
New Hampshire
Up and running. Albeit, terrible and smokey and gross. But I can connect, get readings and tune. Pretty sure it's a vaccime leak but I will have to figure out where all the white smoke is coming from under the hood now.

The game that keeps playing and one can't win.

Thanks for the help.


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Nov 13, 1999
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I have 3.4.4 now. Not sure what update the current tune is on. I will make a copy and play around. I will also run a smoke test for the vacuum. That will give some sense of direction. Onward and upward.

Thanks again.
Right-click CurrentTune,msq that was sent to you. Open with notepad.
The firmware the current tune was generated is in the 4th line:
<versionInfo fileFormat="5.0" firmwareInfo="MS2%2FExtra+3.4.4+release................................>

It will change when you load it into the MS, so look at the one they sent you before you load it.
When you load, it may throw a lot of error messages depending on how old the firmware was.
Anything before 3.4.0 could be a problem.
Usually you can ignore any messages.