Front Brakes/Suspension rebuild


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Sep 9, 2005
I have a few decisions to make here...

First of all, my car has been a 5.0 for 70k miles but the car was a 4cyl and has a total of 160k on it....stock K-member, suspension, and brakes all around. I went to change my VERY worn out front pads yesterday to hold me over till I get the 5.0 brake system, but my calipers were frozen making even this impossoble. So, since I wanted to upgrade anyways, I came to the decision of going to Gt brakes up front, and need to know what I need. Since I wouldn't mind staying with the 4-lug set-up (5-lug conversion doesn't seem to be worth it to me) I know so far I need:

Loaded calipers w/ pads, and new rotors. Some one told me I need new spindles and struts to go to GT brakes, which I don't think is true.

....I would also like the already-low front to sit lower and tighter, so Im tryin to put in some Eibach springs up front....will I need new struts with those?
What other parts will I need, and do I really need new struts before I can swap?
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You'll need :

87+ 5.0 spindles
87+ 5.0 rotors w/bearings
87+ 5.0 Calipers
87+ 5.0 brake lines
You can reuse your struts, but there will be a space that you can fill with washers if you need, otherwise upgrade to 87_ 5.0 struts