FS: Built High Compression 2V

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Jul 5, 2008
Name: Jaryd
Location (city, state): Clermont, FL
Items being sold: Motor
Price: $2500 OBO for complete motor
Picture(s) of item:


Well my plans for swapping the termie motor in are coming up, so I will need to get rid of what I have to make room. Just seeing if anyone would be interested in the parts that I have. The heads and cams have about 9k on them and the shortblock has about 15k. I would like to try to sell this as a complete motor first, but I get no bites then I will begin to part it out.

Parts List:

Built High Comp Shortblock (OBO)
-Romeo Cast iron block bored .020" (OBO)
-5.933" H-beam rods (OBO )
-Diamond Flat top pistons (OBO )
-Stock Stroke 6 bolt GT crank (OBO)
-Clevite Bearings (OBO )
-Total Seal File Fit Rings (OBO )
-SVT 4V Oil Pump and Pickup (OBO )

-Patriot Performance Stage II heads ($750 obo, paid $1300 2 years ago)
-AC Miller Mod Motor Stage II cams ($450 obo)
-PI intake ($100 obo)
-Trick Flow Plenum ($75 obo)
-BBK 75mm TB ($100 obo)
-JLT RAI ($125 obo)

Exhaust ($500 obo)
-Hooker Super Comp ceramic coated headers
-Hooker 2.5" X-pipe
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what kind of power did this setup put down?...Do you still have the engine? I live in Indianapolis In...but I will be in orlando the end of may...and may be able to pick it up then
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