FS: NX wet EFI kit

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Purchased the kit used from YellowBullet, installed it, and fully intended to run it for more than a few passes, but cash is getting tight and i need to cut down on the fun stuff. So here it is...

-NX EFI wet kit, with LS series jets.
-ICEMAN nitrous solenoid
-NX fuel solenoid
-10LB bottle, full. Ill empty it if it gets shipped.
-NX Bottle mounted gauge
-both an NX main nozzle, and NOS main nozzle
-Misc. Switches and main relay.
-All braided lines, with extra braided line used to run the bottle gauge to the cab of my truck from the bed.
-B&M 0-100psi fuel pressure gauge
-Bottle brackets
-packet of LS series jets (i believe 50-150), a pack of 5.0L jets is cheap.

The kit goes for 500 and something bucks new, it all works great, the bottle has never seen a torch. I can take pics and email if you want. Help me pay the bills.

How does $315 obo sound plus the ride?
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Not open for further replies.