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SN Certified Technician
Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
I then connected fuel pump up while it was not in gas tank using 8 pin connector at rear bumper and turned key on but fuel pump would not work was holding in hand and would do nothing and could here nothing
I just want to make double sure that you are aware that when in the car, the fuel pump should only run for a few seconds at initial key on to "prime" the fuel pump. If you are turning on the key and then going back to check to see IF the fuel pump is running, the prime would already be done by this point.

I also have to encourage you to double/triple check your work. After all, you reported that you could not get the fuel pump to run when powered directly through C463 RD/BK (pin #7) and BN/PK (pin #6)
I'm afraid there has been some error/mistake in the test results. Let's go back and check some things so that diagnostic effort isn't spent in a wild goose chase.

With the fuel pump disconnected, what is the Ohm value resistance of the fuel pump?

The next set of tests are designed to "ring out" the gas tank wiring harness. From the fuel pump itself there should be a direct wiring path from each wire of the fuel pump to connector C463 RD/BK (pin #7) and BN/PK (pin #6). We should be able to use a Volt-Ohm meter (VOM) to measure near zero Ohms from one end of the wiring harness to the other end. Further, we should be able to measure the SAME resistance value at 6 and 7 with the fuel pump connected. What we are trying to do is to "prove" that the wiring is intact from the external connector to the actual fuel pump.

Note, the process of "ringing out" a wire is basically running a small electric current through the wire and measuring it's resistance. In the case of a good wire, the resistance value of wire should be very low (close to zero. Certainly less than 0.2 of an Ohm).


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Aug 22, 2007
New Orleans, LA
when you turn the key on does the theft light stop flashing and the check engine light come on?

if the theft light is flashing with key on and/or the odometer is all dashes then you have a theft/pcm problem

if the theft light works and the check engine light is on with key on verify the check engine light goes out while cranking.