G** Damn door handles!~! AHH!


Sep 27, 2006
K well i'm on my 3rd set of door handles now... finally got metal ones for the last install. went to get back in my car after getting gas, and it's like a limp noodle. didn't snap or anything opening the door before, not sure what happened... but it's dark and cold out, lots of snow, i can't deal with this right now. just mad:mad: . i've been inside the door several times before, installed handles 3 times now, and a window, but can't remember for the life of me how the setup works. i doubt the handle is broken since it's metal, took a quick look (but its dark out), didn't see anything... can the linkage just slip off or something like that?? i know the handles on these cars are notoriously bad, but why am i having so many issues!!!!:shrug: thought the metal handles would solve this.
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yes...the linkage bar can just fall off the lock mechanism. It happened to me three times so far with my metal handles. It always happens in the cold....with snow or ice.

Last time it happened i pressed on a small piece of sheet metal over the linkage bar and it has not happened since then. I hate the door handles on our cars.

One piece of advice i can give you is to keep the entire system well lubricated...i use lithium grease....it seems to work best. good luck man.
ok. good to know. thanks. i hope thats all it is. we just got a nice dump of snow yesterday, and now its melting and my car is covered in ice. i just hope its a simple fix. very tired of the door handle game.....
ok well took a look today. i can't see anything broken on the handle. i have power locks, and the lock doesn't move on the side with the broken handle. so i'm guessing the linkage slipped. will i have to remove the handle to get the linkage back on? or will i be able to just remove the interior panel and hook it back up? just want to know if i need to pick up some rivets or anything else ahead of time...
That plastic "thingy" that connects the handle to the linkage probably broke.The handle will go "limp like a noodle" when it breaks.When i replaced my handles with new metal ones they recommended replcacing them at the same time.

Take the panel off, it'll be easier to do.