Drivetrain G Force T5 installation trouble


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Had the G Force kit installed in my T5 case… I have the correct 26 spline clutch disc but can’t get trans to go “home” all the way.. I don’t have much experience except changing the clutch 2 other times in this same car… I can’t “feel” any interference when turning shaft while its seemingly positioned correctly..?? Any advice welcome. Tried it for over an hour and never had this much trouble with stock deal.. am I doing anything wrong??
Thanks gentlemen!

(2nd pic is misleading, view from bottom) … bolt is in bottom, and just there so it doesn’t fall out no forcing going on


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WAIT,you now have a pair?
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Apr 3, 2009
Have a helper push clutch in while you push trans in, if no go then make sure clutch alignment tool slides in as one had moved on me and caused your same issue.
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So new problem, I haven’t taken it off jackstands yet but new clutch doesn’t seem to disengage… it will not shift into any gear with engine running and when I start car in a gear the tires spin wether or not clutch is depressed.. visually throw out bearing seems to be depressing fingers on pressure plate correctly and plenty far enough??


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So far it’s shifting great now that I have cable adjusted pretty close to optimum…. Can’t wait to put the beans to it and still have it shift like a T5 and not a Tremec… every one I’ve driven was super “notchy”, I couldn’t see it being shifted as fast as a t5 (not by me anyway) and with the
G Force gears I’m not going to over power this unit with my combo…. pricewise it was a little cheaper than going even “TKO500” as I used my case and didn’t have to buy a bell housing or shifter… I don’t think the case is going to flex with 500-525 hp max so I’m happy so far!
I was afraid of how it would shift with 2/3 gear oil in it but again so far…
Thanks guys!
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