New 98 Mustang Cobra Owner


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Apr 14, 2023
New Cobra owner here, I've had several Mustangs but first ever Cobra. It's mostly stock with some bolt-on's.

I'm definitely no mechanic, but I do like to tinker and know what I can do and what I can't do. I've had the car for a few weeks now and have noticed a "chirp" when driving the car under acceleration. I've been researching the issue for a few days now, looking on several different forums, but nothing really matches my issue. I'm looking for some advice on what to look for. The car 2 years ago had a new or rebuilt trans installed along with a clutch (that's all the info I have, don't know about TOB) Below are the symptoms.

1. The car doesn't seem to make this noise until it's really warmed up and after driving it for a bit, then it will start out soft and progressively get louder.
2. The "Chirping" sound seems to only happen upon aggressive acceleration and happens in each gear 1st - 4th, not really in 5th and not in R. Does not do it when idling or when
winding it up a bit. The chirping sound is successive until I get off of it.
3. It has some pretty LOUD exhaust so it's a little difficult to find out exactly where it's coming from, but appears to be coming from the middle of the car around transmission.

Troubleshooting I've done:

1. Removed the inspection plate for T45 and the clutch cable, visual inspected that movement of the fork and TOB seems smooth, but TOB is a little lose on the input shaft. Meaning I can get my fingers in there and move it side to side.
2. When I took the clutch cable off, I pushed the cable back towards firewall in order to get it out of adjustment... Then when I got it back on, pulled the clutch pedal up and it re-adjusted itself. I then drove the car and same result.
3. I've visually inspected drive shaft, belts, wheel bears, etc to see if I can recreate the same sound but no result. Like I said it only does it after warmed up and when driving...

I have not taken it to a shop yet to get their advice, which is my next move if I can't figure this out. Does anyone have any ideas of anything I should do or look for?

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