Gas Mileage


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May 8, 2001
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When you guys bought your cars new did they seem to get extremely horrible gas mileage? I'm not even pumpin the **** out of the peddle and my old 88 has to atleast have gotten 8 mpg better than this thing. Mabey when she gets more mile on her she'll do better.
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I'm only getting around 140mile on the first quarter of a tank then around 40 for the rest. I've only been getting around 14 mpg so far. Got 1200 miles on the car.
I been using the cruise as much as possible too! I'm starting to get a little angry with the damn thing. Might be why the delership let us walk with the deal we got..
:shrug: I need to go to town and fill it up again to see what i'll get on the next tank...if i don't get anything like i should i'll have my neighbor (owns and delership) do some warranty work,....just don't like this concidering with all the crap i had done to my old car, it still got over 350 miles on its tank. I'm not even getting 250
You guys who are getting 300 mpt are saying that's with some highway driving right? I don't see how you can get over 250 around the city in a V8 'Stang. I get around 220, all city driving.
I got 23 MPG with some mixed driving (mainly highway) and that includes punching it 3-4 times LOL.BTW this was with around 500 miles.Now I test drove a 03 mach, and after I hit it a little, and came sround the block (got a little lost so it took round 10 minutes) the gas moved like 1/8-1/4 tank LOL and that was only really standing on it 1 time, so I have a feeling that that 2500 mile mach was a gas hog, glad I did'nt get it now.My suggestion is to NOT nail it at all because those cars just suck it down if you let them.Goodluck
yeah that's messed up, take it and have ford look at that, after a full tank show them log the miles in the trip meter. I have full exhaust, 3:73's, and Im making 21-23 mph consistantly, and I'm no saint on the road.
i am getting about 220-250 miles per gallon in my cobra..with mixed driving, but then again i cruise at 80-90mph on the freeway and love to get on it around town..i think if i went all highway i'd get close to 300